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Jade Plant, Elephant Bush (Small) – Plant

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The Jade plant is the ultimate symbol of prosperity in China. It s flat round leaves and compact shape makes it the Asian equivalent of a money tree.

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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 14 × 14 cm
Common Name

Jade plant, friendship tree, lucky plant, money tree,Elephant Bush – Plant


Moderately easy,


Implement a low-nitrogen liquid fertilizer every 6-8 weeks between spring and early fall.

Flower Colour

After a dormant period in winter, the bush produces small pink flowers grouped in clusters at the ends of the branches.


Up to 10 feet.


Use a potting soil mix with a little sand; a cactus & succulents likes good drainage. You can mix in a little slow release organic fertilizer, but it is not necessary.Make sure to pack down the soil around the transplanted plant, and thoroughly water it, to help spur the rooting process in the new soil.


Place the plant in a bright area of the home; a south or southeast facing window works great. If natural light is not adequate, you can supplement with a nice natural white florescent bulb. You can put it outside in summer and spring, with indirect light, but it will need to remain indoors during fall and winter.


Place the cutting in a moderately lit area where temperatures are at least 65 F. (18 C.).


It requires normal watering when the soil is dry in the summer, and very little watering in the winter.Over-watering will cause it to lose its leaves.

Bloom Time

After a dormant period in winter.


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